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A Space in Time Press

Riccardo Servini Interview with The New Current

SPATIAL RESONANCE – A reflective review of A SPACE IN TIME by Kyla Harris
“The Taussig parents give the only certainty they can to their children, the gift and equally the necessity of an accessible future. A future we all deserve.”
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“Intimate and Impressionistic”

Tom Dawson: Total Film
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“Celebrates the power of love and togetherness”
Phuong Lee: The Guardian
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“This touching, intimate documentary shows the tough realities and bursts of joy two sons with Duchenne muscular dystrophy share.”
Carmen Grey: Sight and Sound
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“Builds its case with admirable clarity. Effective and affecting”
David Jenkins: Little White Lies
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“Has transcended what I regard as the limitations of the genre”

Mansel Stimpson: Film Review Daily
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“It’s clear just how cruel the world can be, but this will truly make viewers appreciate what they have. A challenging and sobering watch, A Space in Time is as heartfelt as it is heartbreaking.”

Jonathan Marshall: The Upcoming
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“a wonderfully insightful and intimate piece of work spotlighting a rare disease and the impacts it can have on a family as a unit as well as those suffering. Skilfully crafted.”

Keira Brown: The Fountain
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“This powerfully intimate film portrait offers a candid look at how a family embraces their kids disabilities.”

Sabrina McFarland: Common Sense Media
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“This film will undoubtedly break your heart with its harsher scenes but will leave you with a sense of hope and the power of resilience and commitment.”

Film Carnage
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“Beautifully made and with heart-stopping moments”

Dennis Leachman: Movies1
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