Memoria is a feature length project set in an unusual retreat in the near future.


We follow two characters as they explore memories using a new technology called “Memoria”, Marcus, a 60 year old man who is using the machine to track down moments from a relationship that were wiped from his mind during a traumatic event, trying his best to find a lost memory, only to always end up somewhere else and Ava a 17 year old girl  who has been brought up in a bleak future and hacks Memoria in order to experience life as it was in the past.

The film cuts between this unusual future and the memories lost and mixed up in Marcus’s fragile mind, seeing how their paths unexpectedly cross and discovering how their past shapes their future.

Although there are Sci Fi elements to Memoria, the bare bones of it are a love story and an exploration of human nature.



Memoria is still casting, contact Ric at for more info.


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