Directed by Nick Taussig and Riccardo Servini, this documentary is an artistic response to the diagnosis of Taussig’s two sons, Theo and Oskar who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal muscle wasting disease.

The film was produced by Salon Pictures and will be distributed in the UK by Bohemia Media in March 2021.

Why/How it got made

Nick Taussig and his wife Klara have two children, Theo and Oskar who both have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive muscle wasting disease which will dramatically shorten their lives.

Over the years, Nick started filming himself and his family, keeping a diary of their journey adapting to having two children with Duchenne. A few years into the process Nick decided there could potentially be a film made from this material.

In August 2018, while searching for another filmmaker to collaborate with on the project, assistant producer Emilia Rose Arnò introduced Nick to Riccardo Servini. After a few discussions they decided this was a good fit and Nick handed Ric a hard drive full of mostly mobile phone footage from the last few years of Nick and his family’s life.

The intention was for Ric to piece together the footage and try to find the story/ get together a charity/documentary film about a house build that was going to help the lives of Theo and Oskar.

As time passed and Ric got to know the family better, we decided we could do something a little bigger and hopefully reach a larger audience. So the feature length documentary ‘A Space in Time’ was born.

Our intention was to approach the project more artistically. Nick and Ric worked along side Line Producer Sophie Harmer to get a small team together and elevate the film both narratively and visually. This led to more long form interviews, going deeper into what it’s like being the parents of two children with DMD, and also talking to other parents (Alex Smith) and more people with the condition at different stages of the progression, notably Harrison Smith and Jon Hastie.

This was a passion project made on a limited budget and looks at disability from a different perspective. There are no scientists or doctors in the film, just deeply personal stories of living with DMD. We hope what we have created will raise awareness and help the quest for a cure. It wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of people’s unreserved dedication, goodwill, and care.

A huge thank you to our contributors, the Taussig family, Jon Rey-Hastie, Alex and Harrison Smith, Robert Bogdanski, Sara Caplan McCall and Peter McCall.

Core Crew

Line Producer: Sophie Harmer
Sophie was an integral part of getting this film made, she managed our limited budget perfectly and was consistently pulling off brilliant deals to ensure we could get what we wanted. She made a lot of things that could’ve been very hard, easy and was a pleasure to work with.

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Assistant Producer: Emilia Rose Arnò
Emilia was a huge part of the pre-production process and getting the project together. She introduced Nick and Ric and got the ball rolling in our efforts to create this unique and personal film.

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Director of Photography: Rory Skeoch
Rory is a long time collaborator of Ric’s and was the first person he called when we decided to shoot some portraits and new artistic material to elevate the film. Rory’s cinematography and beautiful portraits brought in a whole extra element, taking the film to a new level. It was really important for us to have empathetic people on the project and Rory is one of the nicest people you will meet, which shines through in his intimate observations.

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Camera Operator: George Nicholls
We knew it was integral to have a second camera for the busy shoot days, especially filming with children. Sophie recommended George and he sure did deliver, not only did George supply a large amount of coverage for the edit, he added a layer of beauty through his delicate observations of nature and his communication with the children.

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Sound Recordist: Charlie Hurst
Charlie came on board to capture sound for our main interviews but he went much further and also collected together some brilliant extra sounds that were used throughout the film and mixed perfectly with the score. Charlie’s extensive knowledge of sound was vital and he helped get the film up to the next level.

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Preview of Score

Composer: Robin Schlochtermeier
When we finished piecing this film together we knew that the score would be a big part of our mission to elevate this film. Robin had scored another film by Salon Pictures in the past and had worked with Ric on a few shorts so the relationship was very organic. Robin is an incredibly talented composer who was a joy to collaborate with, he was also a new father and fully understood the deeper aspects of the film/being a parent and I think that all comes through in the stunning score he created for the film.

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Sound Designer: Dominic Weaver
Dominic is a highly experienced sound designer which was incredibly integral to the final film. We experimented with the sound a lot and we had recorded on a variety of different devices but Dom managed to expertly piece it altogether.

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Colourist: Megan Lee
One of the final pieces of the puzzle was to get the film graded, so in stepped Megan who worked incredibly hard to grade the film remotely due to lockdown measures during our post production process. We shot on a lot of different cameras, including mobiles and Megan expertly brought everything together with her superb colouring skills.

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Sound Mixer: Matt Snowden
Also having to work remotely Matt did a fantastic job at getting the film mixed and managed to perfectly bring together Dom’s sound design and Robin’s score to finalise an engaging and emotional soundscape.

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Camera Assistants : Miha Lungu // Bill Merner 
We had a very tiny crew so having someone like Miha on the project was absolutely vital. She has a long term working relationship with Rory and is an incredibly hard worker, often doing 2/3 jobs at the same time to ensure we nailed our shots. 

More info on Miha

On the shoot day Miha couldn’t do, Bill stepped up. We hadn’t worked with Bill before but he fit right in and very quickly understood what we were doing with this project and was invaluable on what became a very busy shoot day. 

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Drone Operator: Tom Mumford

Tom is a childhood friend of Ric’s and very kindly drove across the country to capture some lovely shots for us. On the shoot day we had terrible weather but we managed to persevere and in the end the the weather actually added a new moody layer to sections of the film.

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Harrisons Fund

To find out more about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and how you can help find a cure, please follow the below link.

More info on Harrisons Fund


The film was Produced by Nick Taussig, Paul Van Carter and Annabel Wigoder at Salon Pictures.

We are excited to be working with Phil Hunt and their team at Bohemia Media and Anaïs Clanet and their team at Reservoir Docs who will be distributing the film in various regions in 2021. Along with those companies we have been supported by Bondit Media Capital, Buffalo 8 and Screencraft who have been helping us to get the film out and raise awareness of Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy.